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Challenge Group has attended IPPE Atlanta, USA Jan. 28th-30th

January 28 to 30, 2014, it was the time that Chinese of the whole country celebrate the New Year. Challenge Group, led by the technical director Dr. Yang, a team of four people attended the IPPE(International Poultry Expo, International Feed Expo, and International Meat Expo integrated their trade shows in 2013, under the International Production & Processing Expo) 2014 exhibition held in Atlanta in the United States.IPPE exhibition is one of the world's most famous agricultural exhibition, covers the agricultural machinery, agricultural equipment, all kinds of agricultural products, feed and feed additive, etc., almost all industry fields. This exhibition attracted the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, nearly 1100 exhibitors, and 25000 participants.


In the exhibition, Challenge Group as a pioneer of feeding enzyme preparation industry in China, showed the high quality products to the participants and powerful technical strength. We found that in the communication, our challenge brand was well received by many exhibitors and participants, especially our competitive products, such as the Phytase,Natural Thermostable Phytase,β-mannanase, Compound Enzymes. Among them, Natural Thermostable Phytase was the most remarkable. As is known to all, heat resistance of enzyme preparation is always a tough problem in the industry. Natural Thermostable Phytaseof Challenges use heat stable gene technology, reduce greatly phytase the loss ofenzyme activity in the process of high temperature granulating. After the introduceof our group members to the participants, many customers have a high evaluation and confidence to the quality of our products, at the fair several companies reached a preliminary cooperation intention with my group.

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